Honoring the life of Alison Parker by supporting the arts.

Saturday, August 19th would have been Alison’s 26th birthday, and we celebrate her life and legacy by kicking off our fall fundraising campaign at the For Alison Foundation.

Established in early 2016, the mission at For Alison is to give young people in Southern Virginia opportunities to experience the arts. Not everyone is destined to become a professional artist, dancer, or actor, but sometimes just seeing a live performance, or being a part of the process of creating art can be a life-changer. And for the kids who live for the stage, or to paint, or dance, or make films it can mean everything. 

For Alison has no employees, a volunteer board of directors, and expenses that consist of postage, office supplies and bank fees. In the past year we were able to serve more than 200 young people by making every dollar count.

We hope you will celebrate Alison’s legacy and her 26th birthday by helping us reach our fundraising goal of $15,000. Please consider making a donation so that we can continue to give kids in Southern Virginia a chance to experience what so many of us take for granted. To make a contribution, just click on the TAKE ACTION link below or send a check to PO Box 1205, Collinsville, VA, 24078. And thank you for remembering Alison.




Find out about more about Alison, her passions, and her legacy.

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Honor Alison's life by donating to help keep the arts vibrant and strong in the communities she cared about.

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