Honoring the life of Alison Parker by supporting the arts.

Alison Parker was a journalist, and a talented dancer who loved the arts and understood the impact it can have on people's lives. She grew up involved in the arts -- dancing, theater, summer art camp, and visiting museums. She also realized that not all children have the opportunities that she had. The For Alison Foundation remembers her beautiful life, insures her legacy through art, and makes a difference in the communities she loved.

Please consider making a donation to the For Alison Foundation so that we can continue to give kids in Southern Virginia a chance to experience the arts - something so many of us take for granted. To make a contribution, just click on the TAKE ACTION link below or send a check to PO Box 1205, Collinsville, VA, 24078. And thank you for remembering Alison.




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Honor Alison's life by donating to help keep the arts vibrant and strong in the communities she cared about.

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